And We Did That Together– Excerpt from Call to My Soul – Dancing the Path to True Love –A Flamenco Romance Memoir

Dancing the Path to True Love –A Flamenco Romance Memoir

“What are we going to do when we get too old to travel to Spain?” we asked ourselves, anticipating studying Flamenco at its source. “Spain will have to come to us,” we answered ourselves. And to our delight, it started. After our first house concert, we were approached by friends from Spain and quickly became a landing place for Spanish Gitano (Gypsy) artists. As more Gitano artists performed at our home, they also started to give Flamenco classes. Our reputation grew and even more Spanish Flamencos made their way to Paraíso, what we called our wonderful land – Paradise in Spanish. Freddie and I as a combination, as a couple, became a Flamenco magnet and doors effortlessly opened for us. All we had to do was to walk through those doors, and we did that together.

©2023  Marianna Mejia

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