The Harp – Excerpt from Call to My Soul – Dancing the Path to True Love –A Flamenco Romance Memoir

During this time when our home was again humming with Flamenco visitors, a friend of ours, who planned to housesit for us while we were away, asked if she could leave her small Irish harp at our home for a few weeks. It sat in the living room looking pretty. One day Freddie picked it up and started to play it. Although he had never before played a harp, it sounded amazing and blended beautifully with the music Luis and Gary were playing as they prepared for the recording. Freddie’s deep sense of Flamenco brought that harp into the music seamlessly. “I want you to play that on my CD,” Luis suddenly blurted out. So Freddie ended up playing on two cuts when they recorded the CD. We found out, years later, that Freddie had been playing the harp upside down. But because Freddie was such a good musician, he could easily coax the music out of any instrument with strings, no matter how he held it, his long fingers finding melodies as if by magic. 

©2023  Marianna Mejia 

Entre Tu Tierra y La Mia, Luis Agujeta with Federico Mejia (harp) and Gerardo Alcalá CD Produced by Rubina Valenzuela

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