Call to My Soul – Dancing a Path to True Love

What is it that calls to the soul? Is it Fate? Is it a past life? Is it the other half of the soul that split off at birth? What is it that calls to the soul?

Dedicated to Freddie Mejia

This memoir-in-progress is about meeting the love of my life, Freddie Mejia. It incorporates Middle Eastern and Flamenco Dance and music, relationships, romance, alternative lifestyles, shamanism, psychotherapy, and more. To read selected excerpts from this work, see my Blog here and please visit the Facebook page Marianna Mejia’s Writings. I am now looking for the right agent to publish all three of my unique memoirs. Enjoy the blogs.


When I hear certain music, specifically Middle Eastern or Gitano Flamenco, my body automatically starts moving. I feel an energy tighten up through my stomach, lifting my chest, lowering my shoulders, as my feet and hips move. I reach for the heavens, my arms extending, hands and fingers making flowers flowing, opening, stretching, moving, curling. My chest writhes in patterns of accented stops and circles. Music is all that is important in the moment of dance –and the way it makes me feel. I blend with it and am carried by it. Music is my passionate lover, as my body dances to its touch, unable to stay still, I let myself merge.

©2022  Marianna Mejia