We are Finally Together – Excerpt from Call to My Soul – Dancing the Path to True Love

Freddie and I walked hand in hand when we hauled the garbage cans down to the street each week. Afterwards we would sit on Mama’s bench, first kissing her tree and saying, “Hello Mama,” and then simply breathing and looking at the sparkling lights above the distant ocean, under the stars of the night air. We often smoked a joint together, sitting on that wooden bench, amazed at how romantic it had become to take out the garbage. Each time we did this weekly ritual, we gave thanks for being together in this paradise. Joy flowed through us and we seemed to expand into the universe. “Thank you spirits,” I said, “for giving me this true love. For giving us this true love.” 

©2022  Marianna Mejia 

Electricity – Excerpt from Call to My Soul – Dancing the Path to True Love

My senses felt fed. Freddie, the cute Flamenco guitarist, was sitting nearby, taking a break from playing music, and he offered to rub my feet at the same time his friend was rubbing my neck and shoulders. I accepted, naturally. When Freddie’s musician hands touched my feet, electricity immediately connected our flesh, causing an involuntary tremor through my body. But I made myself relax, breathing and luxuriating in the many sensations, erotically held together by the music. The fire flickered and danced with the overhead lights and my body surrendered in ecstasy. The smell of the burning wood mingled with incense, hashish and forest. The stars outside flickered and a sense of serene peace wafted over us.

         Suddenly the power failed and the lights went out. Everything stopped. Freddie took my hand and, in a trance, without thought or talk, we walked into the night outside through the curtained door. Somewhere in the dark, on the other side of a haybale, we came together in a ferocious and consuming passion that overtook us, making love in the dirt and weeds. When we strolled in after the lights came back on, we must have both had twigs and hay in our hair. And we must have glowed.

©2022  Marianna Mejia