Dancing with Snakes – Excerpt from Meeting Freddie –Dancing the Path to True Love

Dancing with snakes felt sensual, the cool skin gliding over my body, but I had to be careful that the snake didn’t get tangled in my jewelry or coil around my neck. Once, while I was Belly Dancing in a performance at the New Riverside Szechwan, a large and fancy Chinese restaurant in Santa Cruz, my snake, Julius Squeezer, wound the tip of his tail around the back of my loose-fitting necklace, twisting it around and around. As the chain tightened, I started to choke. Afraid I would pass out and no one would guess the cause and I would die, I felt a dizziness and was struck by the absurdity of the situation. Knowing that I had to do something soon, I danced up to one of the musicians and whispered loudly, “Break my necklace!” I lifted my hair seductively and turned my back to the musician, smiling at the audience as I undulated my stomach. Turning my head, I hissed, “Just yank it off,” briefly pivoting toward him when he hesitated. The chain finally popped and I inhaled a deep breath as I continued moving my body to the music. I lifted the snake high for the audience to see and then let him coil again on my arm and belly. I don’t think the audience knew what had happened, as I glided on the music through the rest of my dance, minus one gold colored costume necklace from Turkey. 

©2022  Marianna Mejia 

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